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Douglas Gale, creator of MktMetrics, began his securities trading career in 1975 after being trained by Blyth Eastman Dillon (now UBS Paine Webber). Mr. Gale has more than 30 years of experience in trading capital for NYSE member firms’ clients and for his own account. This extensive trading experience was the genesis of MktMetrics.

MktMetrics provides pre-market data from a web-based algorithm that forecasts any stock's Range, Volatility, Demand, Trend, Opening Fair Value, High and Low for next day's trading. It also shows Upside and Downside potential stock price movement, predicts levels of Block Trading activity, provides 6-key moving averages, DJIA and Stock Market trend and momentum statistics, daily analysis of over 100 Exchange Traded Funds and statistics on Exchange Insiders and Institutional Investors accumulation and distribution activity.

MktMetrics is the dominant provider of pre-opening stock market data and trading strategies that significantly improve trader and investor performance. MktMetrics is a proactive, intelligent technology that maximizes the performance of brokers, investors, active traders and money managers. The proprietary data delivers to end-users exactly what they need to see, in the most clear and concise form available, to act on before the opening bell.

MktMetrics provides an interactive program that forecasts Specialists and Market Makers activity based upon a copyrighted process that has been back-tested over a thirty year period, in all market conditions. MktMetrics serves active individual investors and professional traders both directly and through private labeled alliance partnerships and licensing arrangements.

Douglas Gale, President & CEO, Chairman of Board
Mom a school teacher, Dad in the Radio and TV biz, Daughter an RN married with family, Sister retired in Palm Desert. After Vietnam War, went to college. 1975 hired by Blyth Eastman Dillon (now: UBS Paine Weber.) Additionally, employed by Morgan Stanley, and west coast superregional firms: Bateman Eichler, Hill Richards (now: Wells Fargo Advisors) and Rauscher Pierce (now: RBC Dain Rauscher) before entering Day Trading business in 1997. Doug resides in Solana Beach, CA with his wife. Spent four years back-testing formulas created from 35 years experience trading NYSE member firms capital and family trust funds. Published a pre-market evening data service: www.MktMetrics.com, the Web's best on-demand stock market predictor. Subscribers enjoy proprietary content of Stock Market Forecasting and Analysis including detailed information required for successful securities trading. Data analysis covers ~6,000 of the most actively traded stocks and Exchange Traded Funds. Blog address Advance Market Decisions www.mktmetricsblog.blogspot.com .

Mark Ninci, CTO
SD Tech Computer Services, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, providing computer services in San Diego since 2003. Specialties include: Retail Point of Sale, Network Design, Disaster Recovery, Enterprise WIFI systems, cabling, data recovery, operating system installation for home offices and small business. Mark resides in Escondido, CA. and is the Chief Technology Officer and part owner of MktMetrics, Inc.

Ruthie Graves, GM
Born and raised in Southern California where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from San Diego State University and a Master of Arts Degree from United States International University also in San Diego. Retired as a San Diego Unified Schools Teacher (33 yrs.), Ruthie moved from La Jolla, CA. to rural Ashe County, NC during 2001, to fulfill a dream of living in the country. Soon Cherry Tree B and B on Cherry Tree Farm became her small business. Home decorating and gardening became a full time hobby until another exciting opportunity presented itself. From 2002-2008 Ruthie, with a partner, owned and operated Carolinas' Consigned Home Furnishings, a premiere furniture and accessories consignment shop, in Blowing Rock, NC. Ruthie is the General Manager and part owner of MktMetrics, Inc.

The company, formerly known as Gale Financial Market Econometrics, Inc., changed its name to MktMetrics, Inc. in October, 2014.

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